Quote1 My father insisted I go to Hadrian's so I could take his place in Mossad. If he wants me to hunt men......then I will hunt men! Quote2

Bryce (Prime Earth)
Real Name Bryce
General Information
Affiliations: St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls
Characteristics Information
Status: Alive
Real World Information
First Appearance: Grayson #4
Created by: Tim Seeley
Tom King
Mikel Janin

Bryce is one of the spies-in-training and students at St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls. She's part of a group of friends in which goes through various mischievous adventures in the school, including oogling their teacher Agent 37.


Earlier LifeEdit

Bryce was sent into St. Hadrian by her father after he insisted she go to one day take his place in Mossad. Grayson: Agents of Spyral

Agents of SpyralEdit

During a day in school, both her and her group of friends find a unidentified male due to one of Lotti's secret cameras. Along with her friends, she went on a "man-ty raid". Being caught by the agent, her friends along with her gave chase but are caught by Matron and later subjected to being paddle due to being out past curfew. Grayson: Agents of Spyral

We All Die At DawnEdit

While oogling at their teacher Agent 37, she witnessed Doctor Netz as she brings Matron whom is in need of medical attention. Despite her orders, she suggested they break them to help Agent 37 take down Mr. Minos. Later, they arrive and help Agent 37 take down Paragon. Grayson: We All Die At Dawn

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Having been taught by Matron, she has been taught by both how to use a crossbow[1] and acrobatics,[2] though is later taught by Agent 37.[1]



  • Crossbow


  • Spyral Students Costume: Like the students of Spyral, she also had a costume in which resembles the first Batwoman's costume.


  • No notes


  • She may be of Arabian descent.[2]


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