Quote1 I have the eyes. Didn't want to see the boy through the gun. But Doc said they're useless, won't work on me. Enhanced or not. Don't matter. Can't unpull a trigger, I guess. Quote2
--Christophe Tanner[src]

The Old Gun
Real Name Christophe Tanner
Other Alias(es) Old Gun
General Information
Relatives Unnamed Sons (deceased)
Christophe Tanner Jr. (Son)
Affiliations: None
Occupation: Assassin (Formerly)
Characteristics Information
Status: Deceased
Real World Information
First Appearance: Grayson #3
Created by: Tom King
Tim Seeley
Mikel Janin

Christophe Tanner, known as the Old Gun, was a man who became active in the assassin community after he was injured during a shooting in which not only damaged his eyes but killed his two sons. He then underwent surgery in which made him only see though his guns, preserving some form of eye sight in order to see his only living son.


Early lifeEdit

Years ago, Christophe Tanner ran into his kid's school as a madman was shooting inside the school. Christophe was shot in the face and both of his sons were executed, leaving only one surviving son by the name of Christophe Tanne, Jr. While he survived, his eyes were severely damage and undergone unique surgery to be able to see from his guns. He then took the name "Old Gun" and been active in the assassination community. Grayson: Agents of Spyral

Agents of SpyralEdit

Desiring Paragon's eyes in order to undergo surgery to restore his sight back to normal, he kills Barton Tare and steals the organs. Planning to meet his surgeon in Malaysia, he is interrupted by Agent 37 as well as other agents of Spyral. After nearly killing 37 and being knocked out by Agent 1, he later visits his surviving son's school and meets Agent 37 once again. After Agent 37 chastises him for his gun usage and hastiness, he gives the eyes to the spy and shares a tender moment before he's shot by Agent 8. Returning a gun shot towards her neck for the final time, he then falls off a building into a playground, dying in front of his surviving son. Grayson: Agents of Spyral

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Christophe is possible enhanced, having been able to survive a gunshot to the neck on one occasion without severe injury as well as survive a long fall with no lasting consequences.[1]


Christophe underwent unique surgery, allowing to see through his guns. He is an extremely skilled marksman, having shot Alia despite her being from a distance away on two occasions as well as caused Matron to lose control of her Spyralcopter with a well place shot.[1]


Unique Twin Revolvers: His unique revolvers allows him to see through his guns.


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