Duchess (Prime Earth)
Real Name Unknown
Other Alias(es) Duchess
General Information
Affiliations: Duchess's Family
Characteristics Information
Status: Alive
Real World Information
First Appearance: Grayson #9
Created by: Mikel Janin
Tim Seeley
Tom King

Duchess is a wealthy woman whom came upon a necklace with a Kryptonian crystal, mistaking it for a jewel within her family.[1]



Mistaking a Kryptonian jewel on a necklace for fancy jewelry within her family for centuries, she planned to debut it in an art fundraiser ball. During the fundraiser ball, she is courted by men though Agent 37 wins her attention and dances as well as kiss Duchess. However, she found that he, in actuality, came to steal the crystal within her necklace. Angered at the event, many of the men vowed to hunt down the agent. However she rebukes them, criticizing that If they were actual men, she wouldn't have been taken by a "common thief". Grayson: Nemesis

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Duchess seemingly is able to handle a firearm.[1]


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