Quote1.png Kooks and psychos from all over, they subscribe to the writings of this "Depopulationist" philosopher named Christain Fleischer. They join the Fist tom compete for points. The "better" or "rarer" the kill, the more points it's worth. And they trade points for, like, fancy titles and glory. Basically, they're the amway of murder. Quote2.png
--Agent 37 describing the Fist of Cain[src]

Fist of Cain 1.png
General Information
Official name: Der Faust Der Kain (The Fist of Cain)
Founder(s): Christain Fleischer
Leader(s): Christain Fleischer (Formerly)
Current Members: Macabre
Dirty Girl
Adam Reed
Former Members: Christain Fleischer
Status: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown

Die Faust Der Kain, translating to The Fist of Cain, is a cult made up of serial killers and hitman from across the globe in which follow the famed depopulationist philosopher, Christain Fleischer.[1] They're known to compete for "points" by killing. The more "rare" or "better" the kill, the more points in which is exchanged for fancy titles and glory.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Attack at Tele-Aviv[edit | edit source]

Being one of the various organizations involved in the Paragon Arm Race to collect the organs of the Paragon Protocol, the Fist of Cain steal Paragon's brain and attempt to unleash a psychic attack at Tele-Aviv upon it's inhabitants to make them senselessly kill one another. With the intervention of Agent 37, Helena Bertinelli, and Midnighter, they're foiled and the brain ends up in Spyral's custody. Their leader, Christain Fliescher, is killed by then-Director Mister Minos during the end via gunshot to the head.[3]

Targeting Superman[edit | edit source]

With Superman's identity outed to the world by Lois Lane, the Fist of Cain target the Kryptonian whom was slowly losing his powers for unexplained reasons due to the rarity of killing a powerful alien like Superman. Along with targeting Superman they find themselves against Spyral Agent 37. With the use of "Super Juice" and their new member Blockbuster, they give both the Spyral agent and Kryptonian a hard time. However, they're defeated when their efforts are assisted by Lex Luthor and the members present are taken into custody by Batman and GCPD.[2]

Paraphernalia[edit | edit source]

Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Paragon's Brain (formerly): Paragon's Brain allows for the usage of psychic attacks in which can be "programmed" in a way to perform a task. This was later taken away into the custody of Spyral.[3]
  • Super Juice: Super Juice is liquid in which somehow endows the members of the Fist of Cain with superpowers. So far, the only example seen is super strength and enhanced speed.[2]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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