Gemini Demille (Prime Earth)
Real Name Gemini Demille
Current Alias(es): Gemini
General Information
Relatives Laura Demille (Mother)
Identity Public
Affiliations: Run-Offs
Former Affiliations: Blackbird
Power(s) Elongation, Mimicry
Characteristics Information
Sex Female
Race Human (Metahuman)
Alignment Bad
Ethnicity French
Eye Color Blue
Hair Black
Status: Alive
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8

Gemini Demille (known as simply Gemini) is the daughter of Madame Rouge and Metahuman active in Blüdhaven. She later became an adversary to Nightwing and the Birds of Prey when she took Blackbird as a teacher for her powers.[1]



Taking Blackbird as her teacher and under her guidance, she kills everyone she knew as friends in Blüdhaven to ascend her powers, prompting her to be on Nightwing's cross-hairs. She travels to Gotham with Nightwing in pursuit with assistance from the Birds of Prey. There, she ambushes Nightwing and the vigilante is saved with the intervention of the Birds of Prey. As they fight her, they learn of her upgraded powers, owing her thanks to Blackbird. She ]retreats after Canary uses a Canary Cry to set her ablaze from a motorcycle. Later, she returns to Blackbird to plead for more time. Blackbird claims that she's ready to ascend, only for her to reveal her duplicity and real intention: stealing her metahuman powers of elongation and shape-shifting.[1]

With her powers stolen, she is later found by Green Arrow and the Birds of Prey, explaining she is no longer any threat because of her powers stolen and warns them of Blackbird having dozens of powers.[2] Angry with her powers stolen, she gives Nightwing, Grene Arrow, and the Birds of Prey intel on Blackbirds location with intention to see her fall. With Blackbird having stolen mind control powers from a former student named Owen, she and him recount the limitation of said power. When Blackbird is later defeated, she contemplates on what to do next with her life. Nightwing suggests her to join a support group and gives her a lift back to Bludhaven.[3]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Former PowersEdit

Gemini's powers were that of Elongation, able to bend and stretch her body. After training with Blackbird, her powers upgraded to higher heights. Her elongation applied not only to her body but her molecules as well and be able to shapeshift into any given person of her desire (i.e Batman & Nightwing). Her powers enabled her to fight against both Nightwing and multiple members of the Birds of Prey.[1]


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