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Batman Eternal Vol 1 -9 (Textless)
General Information
Official name: Ghost Dragons
Leader(s): Shen Fang
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Hong Kong

Ghost Dragons are the enforcers for Shen Fang and his gang, acting also as assassins and espionage agents[1] in addition. They're known for not accepting failure and once they're job is taken, they go through with their assassination no matter the circumstances.[2]


Emperor PenguinEdit

Paragon Arms RaceEdit

The Ghost Dragons got involved within the colleciton of the organs from Paragon, attempting to steal the stomach of Paragon from Dr. Poppy Ashemoore. However, a member was killed and consumed by Poppy before their attire was outfitted into model dummies inside her secret bomb shelter. Grayson: Agents of Spyral


Calabrese Crime FamilyEdit


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