Quote1 "Peace through power," that's their motto. Quote2

Gladius (Prime Earth)
General Information
Official name: Gladius
Founder(s): Gladius
Leader(s): Gladius
Status: Defunct
Base of Operations: Shrike Tower (formerly)

Gladius was a terrorist organization that was formerly a enemy of Spyral while Director was still a young recruit. Thought to be wiped out, the organization resurfaced later. They're led by a woman named Gladius, whom the organization seems to be named after. [1]


Gladius is a terrorist organization started in which intends on using power to force peace. Originally being an enemy of Spyral while Helena Bertinelli was still a trainee, they were seemingly wiped out by Spyral. Batgirl Annual #3

Gladius ObjectiveEdit

Gladius, having resurfaced, stole the Hivemind from Spyral, leaving a shortsword as their calling card and prompting the organization to track them to Shrike Tower. At the same time, their memory wiping of Orin Denby, his odd behavior, and kidnapping of four diplomats caused Burnside vigilante Batgirl to investigate in which led her to Shrike Tower. After being attack by Spyral agents Director, Agent 37 and Batgirl, the organization was successful in it's mission of recovering the memories of the blueprint of the device known as "Negahedron". However, they were later caught by the authorities. Eventually, their leader Gladius was caught by Batgirl. Batgirl Annual #3



  • Hivemind (formerly): A device in which extracts the thoughts and minds of people,combining it into one. The device itself was stole from Spyral by Gladius though the organization was successful in regaining the device.[1]
  • Negahedron (formerly):A mysterious device in which it's complete effects are unknown but can potentially but was highly sought out the organization once it was gone. While the device was never recovered after being lost of the organization, various portions of the blueprints were memorized by a select group of people and the blueprints were secretly stored within a the head of a statue at Gotham Academy. The blueprints for the device is current within Batgirl's possession.[1]


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  • Gladius's calling card for their activities includes leaving a short sword.[1]


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