Quote1 Organ-running is a dirty trade. Anders runs a particularly vile version of the business. His enterprise is called Harvest. High end. Global. Selling metahuman organs to the hyper-wealthy. Need a new liver, Mr. Billionaire? This one won't make you just well again, it'll probably enhance your metabolism beyond the human-normal curve. The merchandise is hard to come by. Anders is ruthless when it comes to acquisition. The metahuman donors don' have to be consenting or dead. Quote2
--Richard Grayson (Prime Earth)

Harvest (Organization)
General Information
Official name: Harvest
Founder(s): Anders
Leader(s): Anders (formerly)
Former Members: Anders
Status: Defunct

Harvest was a high end, global organization run by Anders that specialized in selling super-powered metahuman organs to wealthy individuals.[1]


Having been tailed by Agent 37 and Spyral around the world, the cartel fought back and continued their business. As Anders prepares to sell some metahuman lungs belonging to a former Atlantean to Mr. Kellard's associate, they're both killed by the Atlantean, Tempest. According to Matron, Ander's death meant the organization was done for. Titans Hunt #1


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