Hypnos 2.0
General Information
Official name: Hypnos 2.0
First Appearance: Grayson #1
Type: Implant
Used by: Spyral agents

Hypnos 2.0 is spy tech in which is commonly used by the espionage organization, Spyral.



Hypnos has a variety of abilities. As the name implies, it has the ability to hypnotize it's target, in which each suggestion forces the target to follow the user's commands. Grayson #1 In addtion to hypnotizing to follow the user's commands, Hypnos also contains a "protection identity" implant according to Mister Minos that renders a individual's face to appear as a swirl and also gives an encrypted message If those attempt to capture an individual on camera, with the same result of a face with a swirl. Grayson #2 Additionally, Hypnos can be used to transfer files or memories into a user's brain for them to view Grayson #4 and it's suggested by a disguised Agent 37 that it can even allow them to disguise themselves as whom they want to appear as. Grayson Annual #1

Risks & FailsafeEdit

According to Agent 37, overuse of Hypnos can result in dire consequences such as creating a "two-brain scramble" Grayson #1 and create memory gaps. Grayson #7 According to Mister Minos, It may also initiate a "post-mental integration trauma" as a result of using Hypnos to interrogate Grayson #6




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