Jason Todd (Red Hood) (Prime Earth)
Real Name Jason Peter Todd
Current Alias(es): Red Hood
Other Alias(es) Robin
General Information
Relatives Willis Todd (Father;deceased)
Catherine Todd (Mother;deceased)
Bruce Wayne (Foster Father)
Dick Grayson (Foster Brother)
Identity Secret Identity
Affiliations: Batman Family
All-Caste (Formerly)
Batman Incorporated (Formerly)
Occupation: Vigilante
Citizenship American
Characteristics Information
Sex Male
Race Human
Alignment Neutral
Eye Color Blue
Hair Black
Martial Status Single
Status: Alive (Formerly Deceased)
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
Created by: Gerry Conway, Don Newton

Jason Peter Todd, known as the vigilante Red Hood, is a member of the Batman Family and formerly Robin who was killed by Joker but brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit. He joined the All-Caste and learned the skills to take on Batman and the Bat-Family. However, wanting to redeem himself, he later help forms the Outlaws and later accepted as a trusted member of the Bat-Family


Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Jason Todd was created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton first appearing in Batman #357. Red Hood was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane first appearing in Detective Comics #168. Jason Todd's version of Red Hood was an adaptation from the original Red Hood and first appeared in Batman #635. The latter version of the character was adapted and introduced into the Prime Earth continuity, first appearing as part of the New 52 DC Universe in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 by Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort.


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