Quote1 We all play the game. Our organization meets to ensure we play by the rules, that we keep the peace. Someone broke a rule, broke that peace. Someone's starting a war. You say you're Spyral. Great. Fix this. Stop the war or die in it. Quote2
--King Faraday to Helena Bertinelli (Grayson #9)

Kingsley Faraday (Prime Earth)
Real Name Kingsley Faraday
Current Alias(es): King Faraday
Other Alias(es) King
General Information
Identity Secret
Affiliations: Syndicate[1]
Occupation: Leader of the Syndicate[1], Spymaster[1]
Characteristics Information
Sex Male
Race Human
Alignment Neutral
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Black
Status: Alive
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Grayson #13
Created by: Carmine Infantino, Robert Kanigher

Kingsley Faraday, known more commonly as King Faraday, is the leader of the Syndicate, a group consisting of some of the world's most premier spies dedicated to keeping peace between other espionage organizations.[1]



Calling for Mr. Minos of Spyral, he is surprised to find that it is Matron Bertinelli who instead arrives at his call. After being informed of Minos's passing from Helena, he informs her of the deaths of spies connected to Spyral's missions. He gives her the veiled threat of either stopping this attempt of starting a war or to "die in it".[2]

A Ghost in the TombEdit

He along with the Syndicate is later contacted by Matron and informed of Spyral's success in getting rid of the "infiltrator"" placed in by "Checkmate". She threatens the council that should they go against her in the future like Checkmate that she will overlook their previous affiliation and "drag them screaming into the light". King clarifies that he hears her like "the morning sky".[3]

Spiral's EndEdit

The Syndicate is called by Helena again. This time, she's asking for their aid. When Faraday questions why the Syndicate should aid her, she replies that she's ready to bribe, blackmail, or kill them based on their response. Faraday reluctantly agrees to do so for the foreseeable future.[4] Faraday later contacts Grifter at their HQ, telling him the locations of both Agent 37 and Agent 1 of Spyral. When he inquires on Tao's recommendation for dealing with Helena, he stops Cole as he begins expressing it, already anticipating the answer and claims he doesn't have the heart to actually say it.[5]

With the Syndicate's mission being the elimination of Helena Bertinelli, they ambush her and Spyral into a tag team attack and nearly kill her, only for her to be saved by a close call intervention of Agent 37 and Agent 1. As the duo battle against the Syndicate, Faraday attempts to convince both Tiger and Grayson that they aren't the villains, only for Grayson to rebuff that claim due to their attempt on killing Helena. When Agent 8's appearance requires the saving of the Skull Girls, Grayson calls in Midnighter to take down the Syndicate, much to the horror of Faraday. He is swiftly defeated by Midnighter moments later.[6]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Faraday possess astute espionage skill, proclaimed to be one of the best in the world by Tiger's description of the Syndicate team and effortless leads his team coherently. He possess considerable hand-to-hand combat skill (though not on either Dick Grayson or Tiger's capability) and is skilled in the usage of a wrist-mounted chain weapon, a spike blade, and marksmanship.[6]


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