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Agent ZeroAlia (Prime Earth)Andrew Pulaski (Prime Earth)
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Batman Family (Prime Earth)Beatrice Butler (Prime Earth)Benjamin Turner (Prime Earth)
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Blüdhaven (Prime Earth)Bruce Wayne (Prime Earth)Bryce Nussbaum (Prime Earth)
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David Cain (Prime Earth)DeathstrokeDeathwing (Prime Earth)
Dirty Girl (Prime Earth)Dorian Chase (New Earth)Double Dare
Duchess (Prime Earth)Elisabeth Netz (Prime Earth)Elise Svoboda (Prime Earth)
Evgenny Barraninov (Prime Earth)Fist of Cain (Prime Earth)Flamebird
Flamebird (Bette Kane)Flamebird (Kara Zor-El)Frankenstein (Prime Earth)
Gardener (Prime Earth)Gemini Demille (Prime Earth)George Cross (Prime Earth)
Ghost Dragons (Prime Earth)Gianni Dracul (Prime Earth)Gladius
Gladius (Character) (Prime Earth)Gladius (Organization) (Prime Earth)God Garden (Prime Earth)
Grace Balin (Prime Earth)Gray Son of Gotham (Prime Earth)Grayson: Agents of Spyral (Collected)
Grayson: We All Die At Dawn (Collected)Grayson (2014)Gwisin (Prime Earth)
Harper Row (Prime Earth)Harvest (Organization) (Prime Earth)Helena Bertinelli (Prime Earth)
Hypnos 2.0 (Prime Earth)Identity Protection ImplantJacob de Witt (Prime Earth)
Jade Nguyen (Prime Earth)James Nice (Prime Earth)Janni Amireh (Prime Earth)
Jared (Prime Earth)Jason (Prime Earth)Jason Todd (Prime Earth)
John Grayson (Prime Earth)Jokerz (New Earth)Justice League
Katrina Netz (Prime Earth)Keshi (Prime Earth)Kevin Creedy (Prime Earth)
Kingsley Faraday (Prime Earth)Knightwing (Superman)Lady Eve (Prime Earth)
Leviathan (Prime Earth)Leviticus (Prime Earth)Lotti Duff (Prime Earth)
Lucas Trent (Prime Earth)Madmen (Prime Earth)Mali (Prime Earth)
Manfredi (Prime Earth)Mark Desmond (Prime Earth)Mary Grayson (Prime Earth)
Mary LloydMatronMaxine Manchester (Prime Earth)
Maxwell Lord IV (Prime Earth)Maxwell Morgan (Prime Earth)Maya Ducard (Prime Earth)
MediaMidnighter (Volume 2)Midnighter Vol 2 1
Midnighter Vol 2 4Minos AI (Hyperion 1.0) (Prime Earth)Miss Gold (Prime Earth)
Miss HexleyMiss Hexley (New Earth)Miss Hexley (Prime Earth)
Mister MinosMister Minos (Prime Earth)Modora (Prime Earth)
Mother (Prime Earth)Nemesis (Prime Earth)New Earth
NightcycleNightwingNightwing's Escrima Sticks
Nightwing's Escrima Sticks (Prime Earth)Nightwing's Paraphernalia (Prime Earth)Nightwing (2016)
Nightwing (Chris Kent)Nightwing (Volume 1)Nightwing (Volume 2)
Nightwing (Volume 3)Nightwing (Volume 4)Nightwing Escrima Sticks (New Earth)
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Nightwing Suit V4 (Prime Earth)Nightwing WikiNinel Dubov (Prime Earth)
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Otto Netz (Prime Earth)Paddy (Prime Earth)Pamela Sweigeld
Pamela Sweigeld (Prime Earth)Paragon (Prime Earth)Paragon II (Prime Earth)
Paragon ProtocolParis Pantoja (Prime Earth)Parliment of Owls (Prime Earth)
Polidorin (Prime Earth)Poppy Ashemoore (Prime Earth)Prime Earth
Raymond McCreary (Prime Earth)Red Hood and the OutlawsRed Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 6
Richard (Raptor) (Prime Earth)Richard Grayson (New Earth)Richard Grayson (Prime Earth)
Robin WarRobin War Vol 1 2Rose Wilson (Prime Earth)
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Shawn Tsang (Prime Earth)Shox (Prime Earth)Shrike Tower (Prime Earth)
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Spinebender (Prime Earth)Spyder (Prime Earth)Spyral-Mobile
Spyral (Prime Earth)Spyral Headquarters (Prime Earth)Spyralcopter
St. Francis (Prime Earth)St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls (Prime Earth)Stephanie Brown (Prime Earth)
Stormwatch (Prime Earth)SuitSwitch 2
Syndicate (Prime Earth)T.H.E.Y. (Prime Earth)Tao (Prime Earth)
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Thomas Grayson (Earth 2)Thomas Grayson (Generation Lost)Tiger (Prime Earth)
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Titans Hunt (Volume 1)Titans Hunt Vol 1 1Tony (Prime Earth)
Trigger Twins IIUnited KingdomWe are Robin (Prime Earth)
William Cobb (Prime Earth)WingdingsZohnna (Prime Earth)
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