History Edit

Childhood Edit

Marie Lloyd grew up normally, like a normal young childhood. One day though, she met someone named Richard. They grew up to love each other very much. But, as Marie grew older, they broke up, and she married John Grayson, and had a child named Dick Grayson. Maris changed her name to Mary Lloyd Grayson, and Mary and John became acrobats with their son Dick.

The Flying Graysons Edit

Marie Lloyd and John Grayson worked at Haly's Circus with Dick, for the Circus Owner, Mr. Haly. But soon, this would change. One night, when Mr. Haly would not pay, a mob boss named Tony Zucco cut the rope The Flying Graysons stood on, killing them. Richard, from before, heard this, who was revealed to be stalking the Graysons for a while, still in love with Mary but nobody else.

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