Nightwing has appeared in media as Robin and Nightwing, in video games, comics and television.

Arkham CityEdit

Nightwing is available for DLC. He is seen in the Riddler Challenges. While Batman (Bruce Wayne) is in Arkham City, he is seen defending Wayne Manor as TYGER guards come to loot and take over the Manor. He has Wing Dings,Tranquilizer Darts dubbed Wrist Darts, electric Escrima Sticks, Electric Blast, a Batclaw, Line Launcher, and can ricochet his sticks. He lacks a cape, and cannot glide.

Inustice: Gods Among UsEdit

There are two versions of Nigtwing in Injustice: Gods Among Us.The first is Dick Grayson. In the Regime world, Damian Wayne, the former Robin killed Grayson, and became Nightwing. He served Superman and his Regime. In the epilogue, he is arrested with all of Superman's accomplices. He eventually becomes a member of the Sinestro Core.

Arkham Knight Edit

Nightwing appears again in the finale of the Batman Arkham quadrillion. He has similar weapons, and is seen helping Batman fight the Penguin, as well as destroying the Penguin's weapon caches. He is playable in a side mission and can do Dual Takedowns with Batman. In the Harley Quinn DLC, he appears as a boss in Bludhaven, fighting Harley Quinn to stop her from breaking out Poison Ivy. The attempt is futile and he loses. It is unknown what becomes of him after Bruce Wayne's apparent suicide. However, in the credits a Batman is seen defending Crime Alley, so some speculate he became a new Batman. It is unknown if he will be a playable character for DLC.