Minos AI (Prime Earth)

Minos AI (as his Creator) (Prime Earth)

Minos AI (as Tiger) (Prime Earth)

Real Name Hyperion 1.0
Other Alias(es) Mr.Minos, Impersonated Patron
General Information
Identity Secret
Former Affiliations: Spyral (ruse)
Characteristics Information
Sex "Male"; Technically sexless
Race Artificial Intelligence
Alignment Bad
Hair Blond
Status: Destroyed
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Nightwing #28 (2016)
Created by: Tim Seeley, Javier Fernandez
Quote1 I do what I do because...I must. I MUST! Quote2
--Minos AI to Nightwing[1]

The Minos AI (formally called Hyperion 1.0) is a artificial intelligence and an ambiet tech product of Project Cadmus in association with Checkmate. This AI was used by Mr.Minos to act as one of his body doubles.[1]



Acting in place of his fallen creator, the Minos AI plotted to sell various, old discarded alien technology used by Spyral under the name the "Second Hand" and supply the world with the means to eliminate superheroes. To this end, he abducted Patron and used the Zeus Machine to adopt his skills, memories, and effectively impersonate him. He also used his abilities as an AI to take control of Spyral agents from presumably their Hypnos implants. When Lotti Duff begins growing suspicious of his activities, he chases her off. When Giz begins investigating into the Second Hand, Minos has him killed in return and kills Agent 19 to cover up and lure Nightwing back to Spyral HQ.[1][2]

When the Skull Girls, Huntress, and Nightwing arrive, he enacts his plans by subduing Nightwing and trapping the Skull Girls. The AI then subjects Nightwing to torture, revealing his anger and frustration at Nightwing as he poses as the real Minos. He then tells Nightwing of his plan to use the Zeus Machine to figure out the identities of various superheroes to replace the "Minos Files". However, Nightwing is able to turn the tides when he deduces his nature as a artifical intelligence, allowing Lotti to upload malware into his processor and is then taken down by Tiger. In his final moments, he contemplates the Nightwing the point of executing the whims of his creator for a short time if he is only to disappear forever.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


As an AI, Minos could create multiple copies of people set to explode as well as take control of the minds of Spyral agents from presumably their Hypnos.[1]


The Minosm possesses all the intelligence of the real Minos and had at some point appopiated the skills and mannerisms of Tiger via the Zeus Machine, possessing all his memories and therefore his skills and was deceptive enough to pose as the real Minos and Tiger, despite his acting of the latter being somewhat flawed.[1]


  • Zeus Machine: With the Zeus Machine, the Minos AI was capable of extracting memories and skills of his selected targets.[1]
  • Second Hand's Robot Arm: The Minos AI also uses a robot arm to attack his targets.[1]


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