Real Name Unknown
Other Alias(es) Maksim, Nemesis
General Information
Former Affiliations: SVR (ruse)
Former Occupation: Freelance spy
Characteristics Information
Real World Information
First Appearance: Grayson #1
Created by: Tom King
Tim Seeley
Mikel Janin

Nemesis was formerly a freelance spy who somehow infiltrated the SVR under the cover of Maksim. He was defeated by Agent 37 and later was killed by an unknown assailant who masqueraded as Agent 37.[1]


Not much history is known on Nemesis. Being a freelance spy, he infiltrates the SVR under the alias "Maksim" and was present when Spyral and the SVR aimed at retrieving the organ inside Ninel Dubov, a meta bio-weapon. As Agent 37 lands on top of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Nemesis grabs Agent 37. He is consequentially knocked out when he throws his gun, ricocheting it from a surface to his head.[1][2] He is then later approached by an unknown assailant masquerading as Agent 37 and is killed while unconscious.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Nemesis was proficient in the art of disguise, evident when he somehow infiltrated the SVR as "Maksim" as well as espionage.[1]



  • Nemesis Mask System:Nemesis uses a masking system for his disguises.[1]


  • Although he first debuted in Grayson #1, it was confirmed in Grayson #9 that he was actually Nemesis.


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