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This policy was decided by the community of the Nightwing Wikia and/or the Administrators of the wikia and is required to be followed. For more information or for possible changes, please discuss it within the discussion page.

The Talk Page Policy is the policy in which explains the usage of the talk pages around the Nightwing Wikia.

All Talk pages

  • Editing other posts are strictly forbidden under no circumstance. Be sure to keep from your own posts and not edit others.
  • In addition to no editing, it is also forbidden to delete other's post on the talk page.
  • The talk pages are property of the Nightwing Wikia, not your own or anyone elses. The Community maintains the talkpages, not users themselves (to an extent).

Article Talk pages

  • Article Talk pages exist only to discuss the improvement of the articles, not chitchat. Please use the forums or blogs for this.

User Talk pages/Message Walls

  • The User talk pages are NOT a user's property. They're property of the Nightwing Wikia. The Talk page is a place for users to be able to communicated with another, ask questions, resolve an issue, etc. There's a couple of restrictions to your talk pages/message walls:
  • Do not remove old messages. They're a way for the community to see old messages. This is an open, pulbic community where everything should be viewable
  • You're allowed to achieve your talk pages If there's too much. However, only resolved discussions should be archived.
  • Do not put up notices telling users to not to use your talk page or do anything to hinder the ability of users to communicate with you.
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