Paragon Protocol
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General Information
Official name: Paragon Protocol
Paragon Project
First Appearance: Grayson #1
Used by: Paragon
Meta-Bio Weapons

The Paragon Protocol, also known as the Paragon Project, refers to the collection of the body parts of the android, Paragon. Various organizations such as Checkmate, A.R.G.U.S. and Spyral. Each of the body parts contain the DNA of a member of the Justice League and endows those who implant themselves with their powers.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Meta-Bio Weapons[edit | edit source]

Meta-bio weapons are people whom possessed some of the Paragon body parts and implanted it into them for their own usage. Examples of those who've done so include:

List of Body Parts[edit | edit source]

There's various body parts in which goes with Paragon:

  • Paragon's Cyborg Implant: This implant gives a user the ability to shoot some of Cyborg's energy blasts. This implant was formerly held by the meta-bio weapon, Ninel Dubov. This implant contains the DNA of Victor Stone.[1]
  • Paragon's Stomach: Having also been called an "Enhanced Stomach", this stomach endows the user with super speed and giving them the powers of the Flash. However, the adverse effect is that they must consume calories or suffer from accelerated aging. This implant contained the DNA of Barry Allen.[3]
  • Paragon's Eyes: The eyes of Paragon in which have enhanced vision and is derived from Aquaman's eyes, though the full effect of those with his eye has yet to be seen by a meta-bio weapon. This implant also contained the DNA of Arthur Curry.[4]
  • Paragon's Heart: The heart of Paragon which is derived from Wonder Woman's heart. The effect is unknown, though super strength is indicated. The unnamed baby that hosts the heart is seen crushing a cell phone in her grip. [5]
  • Paragon's Skin: The skin of Paragon which is derived from Green Lantern. Its full powers are unknown, but are demonstrated to include flight and the ability to radiate green light. It is worn by St. Francis before being reclaimed by Spyral. [6]
  • Paragon's Hard Drive: The hard drive of Paragon. This is the only part of Paragon in which cannot be implanted.[7]

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