Quote1 Welcome Gray Son of Gotham. Welcome to the Parliment of Owls. Quote2
--High Court of Gotham to Dick Grayson.[src]

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General Information
Official name: Parliment of Owls
Leader(s): Orator
Current Members: Manfredi
Court of Owls
Former Members: Doctor Leviticus
Gray Son of Gotham
Knute Rudd
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Parliment Grove, Greece

The Parliment of Owls is a global, international cabal of wealthy individuals and the global organization in which gave birth to Gotham City's Court of Owls as well as others.[1]


Robin WarEdit

Deciding that they need the Gray Son of Gotham once more, the Court of Owls allowed Lincoln March the opportunity to recruit Dick Grayson into the owls by instigating a conflict with the We are Robin group and using Damian Wayne as leverage over Grayson. He is coerces to join the global off-shoot of the Court of Owls known as the "Parliment of Owls" then after, named "Gray Son of Gotham", to act as their Talon against their enemies..[1]

Better than BatmanEdit

Unhappy with the activities and methods of Nightwing when he saved representative Manfedi, they employ the usage of their newest Talon, Raptor, as his partner in an attempt to influence him into the Parliment's methods[2] Fighting against Kobra as they attempt to build their own nation, they use Nightwing and Raptor to retrieve their refugees to build their nation. With their success thanks to Nightwing and Raptor, they're praised for their actions.[3] Sending them to find (and to kill unknown to Nightwing) Knute Rudd, the man who created the blueprints for their newest base of operations, they're happy to find Nightwing seemingly estranged from the Bat-Family due to Batgirl blaming him for the killing of Rudd.[4]

The Parliment would soon find themselves outed by Nightwing and Raptor's efforts, with them exposed to the entire world and hunted down by international authorities as well as Nightwing himself backed by Spyral.[5]


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Court of OwlsEdit

Main article: Court of Owls (Prime Earth)
Court of Owls

Court of Owls.

The Court of Owls (also called the High Court of Gotham to the Parliment) is an organized group present within Gotham City for centuries, having existed in secrecy since colonial times. Consisting of some of Gotham's most wealthy individuals, the organizations carry out their will by the usage of special, superhuman assassins known as a Talon.


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