Robin War Image
Crossover Information
Official Name: Robin War
Publication Date: December 2015 - January 2016
Universe: Prime Earth
Heroes: Batman Family, Batman, We are Robin
Villains: Court of Owls

Robin War is a comic book crossover event published by DC Comics. The Court of Owls, interested in reigning Agent 37 into their ranks, usher in the "Robin Laws" into effect that puts the We are Robin movement under risk. As a result, the former Robins in the Batman Family, the current Robin, and We are Robin movement goes head-to-head with the Court of Owls. This storyline is told to be a celebration for the 75th anniversary of the moniker "Robin".


Core IssuesEdit



Volume 1
Cover Name & Team Appearance Summary Release Date
Robin War Issue 1 Cover

"Robin War Part 1: With the Greatest of Ease" —

  • Writer(s): Tom King
  • Penciler(s): Khary Randolph, Alain Mauricet, Jorge Corona, Andres Guinaldo, Rob Haynes
  • Inker(s):Khary Randolph, Alain Mauricet, Jorge Corona, Walden Wong
  • Colourist(s): Emilio Lopez, Chris Sotomayor, Gabe Eltaeb, Sandra Molina
  • Letterer(s): Carlos M. Mangual, Tom Napolitano
  • Editor(s): Mark Doyle, Rebecca Taylor

To be written November, 2015


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