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Real Name Shawn Tsang
Current Alias(es): Defacer
Other Alias(es) Susan
General Information
Identity Public
Affiliations: Pigeon, Blüdhaven Community Center, Run-Offs
Occupation: Volunteer worker
Former Occupation: Criminal, Director of the Blüdhaven Community Center, Vigilante
Citizenship American
Characteristics Information
Sex Female
Race Human
Alignment Neutral
Ethnicity Chinese-American
Age 24-25
Eye Color Brown
Hair Black (Teal as Vigilante)
Martial Status Dating
Status: Active
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Nightwing #10 (2016)
Created by: Tim Seeley, Marcus To

Shawn Tsang (known by the alias Defacer) is a former criminal who later relocated to Blüdhaven. She leads the group Run-Offs and is girlfriend of Dick Grayson.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

Criminal career[edit | edit source]

Shawn first took on the alias Defacer as a sidekick to the "Art Terrorist" villain Pigeon, aiding in the theft and vandalism by graffiti of statues in Gotham which cost the city millions. Though both she and Pigeon were brought to justice, Tsang served no prison sentence, still being a minor.[3]

Back to Blüdhaven[edit | edit source]

While working at the Community Center, she meets and interviews Dick Grayson for a position as a volunteer worker. Having looked into his background, she finds him a perfect fit and hires him. She is then approached by James Nice and after the interview, is called to "duty" from James. Later contemplating her decision and attempting to will herself, Nightwing later arrives. He finds that Shawn herself is actually Defacer, having already met her prior.[1]

Displeased at his appearance, she is even more angry when the Run-Offs arrive and attempt to deal with Nightwing's presence, only to find themselves risking relapsing to their former, criminal vices as well as intimidated by him. With her urging to leave, Nightwing angrily agrees. After a session of counseling later with her fellow Run-Offs with them in costumes to face their fears, she talks to Nightwing who reassures her that despite their past altercations, he intends to help the Run-Offs whether or not she gives him permission. As both become reminiscent of their past meeting and wonder life If they had met under different circumstances, the police arrive to take in Shawn as she is now a suspect of murder. Although taken in, she is confident he'll solve the issue. The situation turns out that the members of the Run-Offs were being framed for murders that were committed by someone.[3] After Nightwing, with the help of Tsang, solved the problem and thus clearing the names of the Run-Offs, he took over the role as the director of the Haven Community from Tsang who claimed that being suspected of murder was not good for her to work for the social services. Around the same time, Tsang discloses to Grayson that she knows who he is and that he is the same person as Nightwing. [4]

Nightwing Must Die[edit | edit source]

The two began to date but just a couple of months later, Tsang - who might be pregnant for Dick - was kidnapped by Deathwing and then later held by Professor Pyg, which prompted Grayson and Damian Wayne to hunt them down and rescue her. [5]

Blockbuster[edit | edit source]

Spyral[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Little has been witnessed of Shawn's skills. She is a skilled graffiti artist[3] and was analytically skilled enough to look through Grayson's general background prior to his interview to deduce whether he was a perfect match for her "Teens Affected by Violence" program.[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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