Somnus Thought-Supression Satellite Network
Batman and Robin Eternal 20 - Somnus Satilite
General Information
Official name: Somnus Thought-Supression Satellite Network
First Appearance: Batman and Robin Eternal #20
Type: Satilite
Used by: Spyral
Mother's Faction (Former; Hijacked)

The Somnus Thought-Supression Satellite Network (simply Somnus Satellite) is a powerful satellite owned by Spyral in which is capable of erasing the memory, minds, and all records of a given subject.[1]



According to Frau Netz, the satellite was design to disperse a large-scale signal that mimics the effects of the Hypnos implant on a larger, geographical scale in case large areas needed to be deluded by Spyral.[1] During her control from Otto Netz, Helena managed to somehow program a exception list of those who would remember a subject despite his erasure of name.[2]


The activation key is hidden in both Spyral Agent 37 & Matron's Hypnos implants due to Matron's modifications.[3] There's also voice recognition in which seems to be capable of registering key member Otto Netz after his revival.[2] The Satilite effects are then activated when the user utters the phrase "Who is (name of subject to be erased)?" The signal is then tansmitted in every kind of radio wave and psychic frequency.[2]



Otto Netz's RevivalEdit

The Somnus Satilite is activated when Otto Netz takes over Helena Bertinelli's body, although Helena was able to momentarily program an exception list for Dick Grayson to include herself and his friends and family. When Otto later takes Grayson's body, he activates the Satilite to be used all over the world to forget him and allow him to forever takes his body. However, Otto is defeated in Grayson's mind. In the aftermath, Dick is able to resume his life as Nightwing.[2]


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