Spyder (Prime Earth)
Real Name Spyder
General Information
Relatives Otto Netz (Preserved Mind)[1]
Affiliations: Spyral
Characteristics Information
Alignment Bad
Status: Alive
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Grayson #6
Created by: Tim Seeley, Tom King, Miken Janin

Spyder is a mysterious entity in which can only be perceived by the current director of Spyral.[2] They act as an oracle and seer of Spyral and is the preserved mind of the late Doctor Dedalus after planting what was left of his mind into a machine.[1]



Faced with Alzheimer disease, Doctor Dedalus implanted what was left of his own mind into a machine that became the entity known as Spyder.[1]

Paragon Arm RaceEdit

During Matron and Agent 37's mission to retrieve the Brain, Sypder appear before Mr. Minos and expressed they're concerned he's taking Spyral's current objective too personal before offering to wipe his memory to remove his "pains". However, Minos declines their offer and resumes his work, cutting his communication with them.[2]


As Helena consults Spyder on anything of use to help clear Agent 37's false charges, they only express being reminded of various types of spiders, in which metaphorically may relate to the issue.[3]

A Ghost in the TombEdit

Called forth by Doctor Netz, Spyder meets Matron and demands the location of Agent 37. When Helean reports his location, the entity orders Helena to kill Agent 37 with the nanites around the agent. Despite her hesitates, the entity orders her to do so.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is relatively known about about Spyder. Spyder has the ability to erase one's memories, as offered to Minos.[2] Spyder themselves also have great tactical prowess, as they're seemingly tasked with evaluating the directors of Spyral to ensure they're not taking an objective too personal.[2]


  • According to their own words, they do not neither "perceive" or remember themselves and exist only to "perceive others" as well as offer wisdom.[2]


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