Spyral HQ
Spyral HQ (Prime Earth)
General Information
Official name: Spyral Headquarters
Spyral HQ
Created by: Otto Netz
First Appearance: Grayson #1
Galaxy: Milky Way
Planet: Earth
Country: United Kingdom

Spyral Headquarters (HQ) is the main headquarters of the espionage organization, Spyral. It is located within England and is secretly being held somewhere within St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls, in which is used to cover it's activities.



  • The entrance to Spyral HQ is hidden behind a wall somewhere within St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls. Behind a wall shown with an image of god, it can only be revealed when an agent utters the phrase "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man". This opens a elevator that can travel to various sub-levels.[1]


Spyral HQ has various sub-levels in:

  • Sublevel Minus 3: Speculative Chicanery Laboratory: The Speculative Chicanery Laboratory is a large room in which leads into another room called "M.I.S.T" (Mental Image Stimulation Theater). This room can be used to host meetings and use hypnos to upload a agent's memory and even use it to show images for a presentations.[1]
  • Director's Room: At an unknown sub level resides the room saved for the Director of Spyral. The room is contains a vivid red-black color scheme along with a computer and various technological device as well as spider-themed furniture.[2]
  • Shooting Range: Within Spyral HQ is a shooting range for Agents to brush up on their marksmanship skills.[2]
  • Spyral Labortory: At an unknown sub level is a labortory in which Doctor Netz mostly resides in. The labortory contains various medical tools and some of the organs part of the Paragon Protocol when doing her work.[2] It is in a room beside the Director's Room.[3]
  • Helipad At an unknown level, Spyral has a location in which allows the usage of the Spyralcopter.[4]


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