General Information
Official name: Spyralcopter
First Appearance: Nightwing #30 (Volume 3)
Type: Vehicle
Used by: Spyral agents

The Spyralcopter is an advanced, custom helicopter in which is used by various agents of Spyral.[1]

Specs & FeaturesEdit

  • Speeds capable of exceeding the Royal Airforce aircrafts by 3 hundred knots.[2]
  • Invisible stealth mode that quiets even the winds.[3]
  • Jamming capabilities in which leaves a spiral on radars. These jamming capabilities make anyone who's jammed forget the events surrounded in the duration of the jamming.[4]
  • Spyral-Tech: An on-board computer in which can scan for potential threats, locates Spyral agents from all over the world along with their sit-rep,and auto-pilot.[5]
  • Off-Mode:A mode that prevents tracking from Spyral.[6]


  • Hypnos: A capability of the Spyralcopter in which uses Hypnos and can confuse even machinery.[7]



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