Quote1.png We all play the game. Our organization meets to ensure we play by the rules, that we keep the peace Quote2.png
--The King to Matron Bertinelli.[src]

The Syndicate 02 (Prime Earth).png
General Information
Official name: Syndicate
Leader(s): The King[1]
Current Members: Grifter[1]
Bronze Tiger[1]
Former Members: Keshi[1]
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Syndicate Safe House (undisclosed location)

The Syndicate is a neutral council consisting of heads of the world's deadliest clandestine organizations in which investigates and manages the activities and alliance between the various espionage organizations.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Nemesis[edit | edit source]

Calling for Spyral's then-Director Mister Minos, they're surprised to find Matron Bertinelli of Spyral instead received the call. They inform her of recent killings in which include the freelance spy Nemesis have been conducted while Spyral has been on missions and breaking the rules on neutrality. They tell her to fix the issue or die in it.[3]

A Ghost in the Tomb[edit | edit source]

Matron once again visits the Syndicate, informing them of the fact that the previous infiltrator supposedly within Spyral has been removed. She also states she will continue the mission with Spyral's objective of collect and bury secrets perceived to be too dangerous as well as fight against groups that fall outside the alliance of the Syndicate (Fist of Cain and God Garden) as well as the addition of Checkmate. She also informs then that If any decide to side against her, then she will be forced to act despite previous alliance.[2]

Spiral's End[edit | edit source]

When Matron finds herself unable to deal with Agent 1 and Agent 37 who have betrayed Spyral, she enlists the aid of the Syndicate, read to coerce for their aid if necessary. The Syndicate members present agree to help Matron.[4] However, despite their apparent agreement to aid Helena Bertinelli under the instruction of Tao, they decide to target both Spyral and Matron Bertinelli with intention of stopping Spyder, eliminate the usage of Ouroboros, and to kill Helena Bertinelli.[5] The Syndicate fail in their endeavor due to the intervention of Agent 37, Agent 1, and the Midnighter, facing certain defeat as a result.[6]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Some of the Syndicate's past silhouettes in issues 9 and 13 differ from those in their actual appearance debut in issue 16 for currently unknown reasons.
  • The Syndicate was formerly called the "Justice League of Spies" as an "unofficial" name dubbed by the writers of Grayson, Tim Seeley and Tom King.[7]

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