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General Information
Official name: T.H.E.Y
The Agency
Founder(s): Unknown
Leader(s): Matron
Current Members: Unknown
Former Members: Poppy Ashemoore
The Hood
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Unknown

T.H.E.Y, also known as The Agency and "Her Majesty's Super-secret Service" by The Hood, is a British secret intelligence agency. It is headed by an male individual code-named Matron.


Leviathan StrikesEdit

Main article: T.H.E.Y (New Earth)

Paragon Arms RaceEdit

T.H.E.Y was involved with the collection of the collection of organs part of the Paragon Protocol. They collected Paragon's stomach. Later, however, former agent Poppy Ashemoore stole files on T.H.E.Y as well as the enhanced stomach and left the organization.[1]


  • T.H.E.Y of Prime Earth (New 52 reboot) is one of the few exceptions in which is a continuation of the T.H.E.Y present in the New Earth (previous main continuity) universe.


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